Our purpose

We are a small team of health professionals committed to delivering the best and cutting edge information, programs, products and individual treatments to help individuals, local communities and communities around the world to live a vibrant and meaningful life.

Our purpose is to educate and serve individuals, local and global communities in relation to their health and wellbeing so they feel inspired, empowered and feeling in a state of “living in the flow”.

We remind our clients of how simple life is when they take the time to listen and to connect to their inner being and quietness. Through reconnecting to their own nature allows them to follow their own inner guidance and their inherent Knowing. We provide guidance to our clients on finding natural and balanced solutions to their needs and problems.Too much “doing” and not much “being” can lead to a state where one feels a lack of personal power and a feeling of being ungrounded.

Our mission is assist our clients through innovative integrative health programs and individual treatments that help them achieve their goals in health and to extend those benefits to all other areas of life by providing a friendly and warm environment that supports growth and transformation.

We promote and facilitate clean and conscious living by raising awareness and inspiring others to connect to the beauty of nature, appreciate the benefits of natural foods by constantly checking in on how different foods make one feel once eaten and in taking care of each other and the planet.

Our therapeutic model and methods of healing focus on facilitating client’s transformation of old habits and patterns into new fresh possibilities and more freedom. We draw knowledge from quantum and unified field physics, Taoism, the I Ching, medical Qi Gong, art, the Freedom Teachings, science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hypnotherapy and NLP.

By adopting a preventative approach to health we focus on educating our clients on how to maintain a continuous smooth flow of energy in all aspects of one’s life. We understand that to be in your flow is an essential part of living a healthy and purposeful life. We inspire people to consume less, become aware of their footprints and connect to their vision.

Our values

Live creatively
Contemplation and meditation as part of daily life
Reverence for all living beings
Connecting and caring
Empathy and deep listening
Walking through life with clarity of purpose

Our team

Isabel Peace

Isabel Peace



Isabel Peace has been working as a practitioner of Traditional Medicine for over 10 years and has done more than 15,000 one on one sessions, helping individuals with a variety of health problems. She has a background in Nutrition, Fitness Training, journalism and photography and has had many years of consistent study and research into the areas of mental, emotional and spiritual health. Isabel has trained in China under specialists in the areas of Fertility and women’s health, neurology, herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Isabel has complete a Bachelor degree in Health Sciences/Traditional Chinese medicine at the University of Technology Sydney. Her Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine was completed at the University of Western Sydney in 2008. She is currently studying Hypnotherapy at the Australian Hypnotherapy College and she is soon to complete a Bachelor degree in Alternative Medicine at Quantum University, Hawaii.

Isabel had the opportunity to train with masters of Qi Gong and Tai Chi, which are part of Traditional Chinese medicine and essential practices for good circulation, movement, awareness and health. She now combines all her knowledge specialising and developing integrative health programs and individual treatments to deliver optimum and long term results in the areas of detoxification and cleansing, preconception and fertility, stress management, hormonal balance and innovative healing programs to help her clients break free from repetitive patterns and negativity and move into the direction they want with more clarity, freedom and flow in their lives.

The difference in Isabel’s approach to treating health problems is that she is not only interested in the physical cause of the problem. Isabel is interested in the the way a person responds to situations (mental and emotional aspects) looking for possible repetitive patterns that may be needing recognition and resolution. She is currently researching and developing new models that will include one on one or small group sessions to support her clients in seeing clearly their tendencies so they can create more freedom and empowerment in their lives and lead to healthier bodies.