Treatments are multidimensional


I work with a holistic model and aim at assessing the whole person, looking at the physical, emotional, mental, archetypal and spiritual aspects to get to a full picture of where imbalances are coming from and to design a plan that is complete in addressing all areas.
I use different tests and diagnostic tools together with Traditional Chinese medicine skills to find the root causes and the layers that make up chronic and acute problems.
The first appointment is an assessment, when I will find out as much information as possible about you and discuss a management plan. Often, this can have a therapeutic effects due to the talking through issues and clarifications and changes of perspective that can take place during the initial appointment. This session is usually 90 min. It is 120 minutes for the weight loss program.
Follow up consultation is usually 60 min for acupuncture and 75-90 minutes for acupuncture and clinical hypnotherapy combination. For enquires go to the “contact me” page and send your details, with any queries you have.

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The Path to a Healthy Pregnancy – holistic pre-conception care


Before trying for pregnancy it is a good idea to evaluate the condition of your health and make sure you are ready to conceive. This means checking for any inflammation, nutritional deficiencies or mental and emotional problems that may cause a delay in conception or lead to unwanted problems later on.

Infertitlity rates are increasing. Some of the causes of unexplained or delayed conception can be related to PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder), loss of period or amenorrhea, endometriosis or uterine problems and embryo defects. You can see how an adequate investigation is critical.

This program has been designed to help you find out the causes of delay, if you have been trying, and to start you on a healthy regime for your particular situation or condition. If you haven’t been trying for pregnancy and want to give yourself the best possible start this program is also for you.

We refer you to get assessed by a GP who especializes in pregnancy. Once you have your results we plan the program for you. The program will be planned according to your results to target areas of imbalance and to bring you to a state of optimum health for pregnancy.

This program includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Meditation techniques and Qi gong, dietary guidelines, nutritional supplements and recipes. You also get a free session with a nutrition coach who can help you plan your diet during pregnancy.

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Hormonal Flow – menstrual and menopausal balance


If you are sick of feeling emotional all the time and have fluctuating energy levels or perhaps you are also suffering from PMS or hot flushes and insomnia, these are all possible symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance can be debilitating. The people close to you usually know all about it and you may feel you are not being yourself or being unable to have control of your life.

The good news is hormones can be balanced through the use of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, meditation and nutritional formulas. This particular combination of natural therapies works very well.

We have put together a program that takes into account the diagnosis of your individual cause of the imbalance and then we go about including the personalized treatment to help you restore the flow.

We will look at the health of your Liver and will give you dietary recommendations if you’re in need of a gentle cleanse. Movement is also very important to keep the hormones flowing, so in this program you will learn a set of Qi Gong movements that relief stress, helps you reconnect with your energy or Qi and activate the energy channels and blood flow.

To book and to get more information or ask questions click on the One on One link below and send us your details.

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Freedom From Chronic Infections and Inflammation – immune support for allergies, gut infections, chronic fatigue


Did you know that lingering pathogens can make you feel exhausted, foggy and anxious?

When not treated properly, these pathogens can sink in deeper into the body and rob most of your energy. Quite often you hear of somebody who never felt the same since a flu or other infection. It’s because that pathogen is still lurking. Some types of pathogenic infections can even lead to chronic fatigue.

I’ve designed this 4 weeks program because I understand how debilitating it can be and how unpleasant the symptoms are. I’ve seen it many times in my clinic, where patients come in depressed and lacking hope to get better. Sometimes they just keep catching every cold going around, making their energy even worse.

In this program I use Chinese Medicine diagnostic methods to look for the location of the pathogen/s and use Chinese herbs, cupping, nutrients to help the body expel them and repair inflammation caused it. Once your body is clear and your energy is returning I use Chinese herbs, diet and nutrients to help you build a strong immune system.

Depending on your diagnosis, you may need more or less sessions. I will let you know what’s happening and how we will go about treatment.


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