Our new weight loss program is coming

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We can’t really  call it a program because it is a well tested system to help you connect with what you really want, to glow from inside and out and most importantly to hep you consistently maintain the changes and benefits. It is designed to have an effect in our inner and outer lives so we are able to notice that the inner  changes will reflect outside into new and fresh experiences and situations.

We have been running a weight loss program for many years and the way it is individualised is the key to unstuck people who have been struggling with weight and health issues. Now we are taking it to a whole new level. The new system has been put together through an accumulation of many experiences, practices and a lot of learning acquired over more than 25 years of being on the true path to health, observing the effects of new approaches on myself, family and clients.

What I have discovered is that health is a journey and it might as well be a happy one and that when we relax more and let go of being overly productive or busy,which is usually what disconnects us from our real path, it causes frustration and unhappiness as well as other unpleasant emotional states.So, the secrets will be revealed to you in the next few weeks. We all know that slowing down the hectic pace so we can listen deeply to what we really want, that going back to basics in terms of diet and letting go of old habits and inner conditioning can help us awaken and free us from our daily constraints. But how exactly do we do that?

Keep watching this space for more information and sign up for the updates. We will launch this system in October. It will firstly be offered on a one on one basis with a Facebook support group, where everyone can meet and support each other. Next year the system will be offered as an online webinar and will be taught nationally to other practitioners. So it will be easier to find support in your own area. We are now working on our own recipe book to support the weight loss phase of this system and the maintenance phase, when we can enjoy the effects of a thriving body and mind.

You can also send us an email if this resonates with you and you want to be added to our Facebook group coming up or to find out more about it.


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