The theme FLOW in NATURE comes form the notion that all aspects of the Universe are connected and in a state of flow. From the invisible quantum world, which we can’t see with our open eyes, to all physical matter and the cosmos, everything is united in this flux.

One of the most basic concepts of Chinese medicine is that energy must be flowing smoothly within the channels of body for one to be healthy. This energy is also circulating outside the physical body. The uninterrupted flow of these energies allow for vibrant health, clarity, creativity and a sense of connection to all things.

Being in the flow also means being in connection to the Universe’s intelligence or mind and to live in a state of co-creation, guided by inspired ideas and feelings which harmonises and elevates the frequency of one’s life and potentially of the whole planet. Meditation is certainly a way of attaining and maintaining this flow in one’s life. Here we offer teachings and guidance on meditation and other ways that facilitate and improve on this deeply meaningful connection with oneself, nature and the creative Universe.

Stagnation of these energy fields, on the other hand, is the beginning of all diseases, of the feelings of disconnection from oneself, others and life. The stagnation can also create overly negative mental and emotional states as a consequence.

Everything we do as a business is based on this idea of fluidity. Every treatment, program or product we create has at it’s core the aim of bringing the individual back to a state of flow.

We help clients who are struggling to find clarity and vitality and are suffering from different health conditions caused by busy lifestyles, anxiety and stress. These problems usually stop or slow them down from doing the things they love.

We have been developing programs and researching new products that help to eliminate many forms of stagnation, inflammation and blockages in order restore vibrant energy and get back the feeling of riding the flow of life.

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