A system that uses thin stainless needles, sometimes with electrical estimulation, to regulate the energy pathways and restore optimal functionality of the organs and systems within the body.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

There are over 400 common herbs used but TCM herbalists. These herbs are combined synergistically to address the patient’s presentation with precision.


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT)

Healing with Geometry and Medical Qi Gong

Spinning geometry is at the core of our microscopic, subatomic and infinite Universal aspects. Qi Gong healing is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been around for 5000 years. These two complementary healing methods combined transcend physical limitations as they change the fundamental conditions of the patients on the deepest level.
Healing occurs from the deepest to the superficial levels.


Traditional method used to draw out toxins and inflammation from deep tissues onto the skin, where these are easier to be eliminated.


The simple art of sitting still and paying attention to one’s breathing which leads to quietness, reconnection to real self and inner peace.