Sugar cravings and the Light&Flow diet

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How sugar cravings are eliminated during the Light&Flow diet and lifestyle?
Three of the main causes of sugar cravings all match the concept in Chinese medicine of Spleen deficiency with or without Damp accumulation and qi stagnation.
A big one, chronic stress and anxiety, can raise the levels of cortisol, epinephrine and the hunger hormone ghrelin. Once this is happening, the person craves sugar and fats. Anxiety is also related to hypoglycaemia. When blood sugar fluctuates so does energy levels and mood. Hypoglycaemia is also linked with intense sugar cravings, to brain fog, inability to concentrate, irritability, dizziness and tearfulness.
In Chinese medicine, we say this is a combination of Spleen and blood deficiency with some stagnation of qi.
When blood is deficient (as a consequence of Spleen deficiency) and the qi is stagnant, certain neurochemicals, such as GABA, dopamine and serotonin can’t reach their target destination or are not released properly and lead to anxiety, both physical and mental, negativity, anger, lack of focus and motivation, depression etc.
The interesting culprit is usually the sugar consumed, which makes the deficiencies worsen and the damp to grow.
Another cause of sugar craving is candida or other chronic pathogens in the body (damp and damp heat- worms, bacteria, parasites), which can feed off the sugar consumed and proliferate.
Whether is sugar or alcohol or other addictive substance, these tend to mimic the feel good feeling that is missing due to the deficiencies or the infections, momentarily boosting dopamine and creating a snow ball effect that can only be brought to balance if a wholistic approach is adopted.
At the beginning of the L&F diet, once those processed foods and sugars are removed from the diet and substituted by fresh fruits and veggies, the person starts to feel good and lighter again. These new feelings, which are important for the release of the “feel good” chemicals, combined with the right protein powders (providing the specific blend of amino acids for optimum brain function) start to replenish the blood of vital nutrients.
The key ingredients of the L&F diet are increased feelings of relaxation and the return of feelings of comfort, calm, fulfilment because the person can feel the changes taking place. The combination of acupuncture, hypnosis and the right herbs and support for the active part of the diet are a very unique and special blend to target all aspects of detoxification, strengthening digestion, balancing hormones, strengthening metabolism and clearing the mind of excessive or negative types of thoughts. These are done for everyone enrolled into the program.
The L&F is also an individualised program because every person presents with an unique set of conditions that must be addressed in order to get to the primary cause of the problem, whether is weight gain or another health condition, or both.
Certain health problems may take years to develop and to build, sometimes layers and layers need to be removed before the actual cause of the problem can be dealt with appropriately.
Online and fad diets don’t work if your body has not been given the right treatment in order to repair properly. It is crucial that at least the digestive system is working efficiently and the hormones and metabolism are balanced. See it as embarking on a journey to wellness. It is important to stay committed to work towards balance and become aware and let go of the mind set of quick fixes. It is also very important to take responsibility for ones condition and be open to seek help and disclose any areas of weakness.
As you see above, mental and emotional health is intertwined with the way the body will look and feel. We are what we eat, how we think and hence, feel.

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