Why a Simple and Holistic Detox?

Doing a cleanse at the end of (a rainy) winter it’s a very wise idea. Not only we consume richer foods to stay warm but all the humidity in the environment lead to sluggishness of our body’s systems.

You may have noticed that by now you are not as sharp, energetic or slim as you were before the cold season started. A simple step by step approach to detoxification is a great entry point for regaining that best version of yourself you may be longing for. A holistic approach is one in which we pay attention to our immediate environment for clues to what may be creating stagnation in our bodies and minds. It also means finding fresh ways to lead us back to more connection to our bodies, feelings and our creative selves.

The thing is we can’t detox, change or loose weight when we are stressed. Relaxation, when our brain waves are out of the reactive Beta state and our parasympathetic nervous system is activated, is key in the facilitation processes of the release of toxins and elimination of fat cells. Affirmations and visualisations are also only effective when do them in a relaxed state.

What does it really take to holistically detox?

We need to ask ourselves meaningful questions and look at all areas of life to start a gentle process of inner and outer cleansing. What toxicities can we potentially be absorbing through our skin, through our breathing, our food, our constant self talk or even our relationships? Frustrations and resentment are well known reactive emotions arising from our digestive system that can cause our vital energy to stagnate and are a sign help is needed. Are we holding on to painful memories? Are we retaining fluid and feeling fatigued, perhaps lacking in will-power to maintain dietary and lifestyle changes that we are desperately in need for?

This task of holistic detoxification can be overwhelming and at times confusing if we are doing it alone. There are many alternatives out there. I recommend a detox that is gentle and done gradually over a period of 6 to 10 weeks. So we start eliminating foods that are particularly harmful gradually and introducing wholesome foods until the diet is clean. During that period regular yoga and massage, acupuncture and cupping are some of the very useful tools to release and invigorate the vital energy of the body and get us more in touch with our selves. It is also important to get support form close family and friends. The best approach, in my opinion, is to combine the expertise of heath professionals and form a team that will support you through the changes we are likely to experience during a detox and who will provide us with all the nutrients and herbs that may support us in our unique journey to complete healing.

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